AWS Health enhances integration via AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow

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AWS Service Management Connector enhancement with AWS Health

You can now integrate AWS Health events to receive operational and account information, prepare for scheduled changes, and manage events directly within ServiceNow. AWS Health is the authoritative source of information about service events and planned changes affecting your AWS cloud resources. It also supports the organization view which allows you to receive a feed of health events across your organization by setting up one EventBridge rule and monitors AWS Health events with Amazon EventBridge.

The AWS Service Management Connector for ServiceNow is available at no charge in the ServiceNow Store. These new features are available in AWS Regions where AWS Support, AWS Service Catalog, AWS Config, AWS Systems Manager, AWS Health, AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager, AWS Systems Manager Change Manager and AWS Security Hub services are available.

For more information, please see the AWS Service Management Connector documentation.

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