Announcing Amazon WorkSpaces Pools, a new feature of Amazon WorkSpaces

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This article provides an overview of Amazon WorkSpaces Pools, a new Amazon WorkSpaces feature announced today, to offer more flexibility and choice to customers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces a new feature of Amazon WorkSpaces, called Amazon WorkSpaces Pools, that helps customers save costs by sharing a pool of virtual desktops across a group of users. This new feature provides customers the flexibility and choice to support a wide range of use cases, including training labs, contact centers, and other shared-environments where users get a fresh virtual desktop every time they log in. Some user settings like bookmarks and files stored in a central storage repository like Amazon S3 or Amazon FSx can be saved. WorkSpaces Pools also simplifies management across a customer’s WorkSpaces environment by providing a single console and set of clients to manage the various desktop hardware configurations, storage, and applications for the user, including Microsoft 365 Apps for enterprise. It offers pay-as-you- go hourly pricing, helping reduce costs.

Customers now have a choice to choose between WorkSpaces Personal, highly-configurable, personalized virtual desktops for employees such as developers, knowledge workers, etc. and WorkSpaces Pools. Customers can also choose a blend of both, with the ease of managing virtual desktops from a single AWS Management Console.

WorkSpaces Pools is now available in all WorkSpaces commercial regions, except Israel (Tel Aviv), Africa (Cape Town), and China (Ningxia) with the standard bundles including Value, Standard, Performance, Power, and PowerPro. Learn more

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