Speed up Redshift UDF Development and share useful code

1 minute read
Content level: Intermediate

Have you ever wanted to extend the capabilities of your Amazon Redshift environment but felt it was too hard or confusing to create user-defined functions? The following repository helps you create different types of functions and supplies a repository of community developed functions you can easily deploy to your Redshift environment.

There are many options (python, sql, lambda) to create scalar user-defined functions in Amazon Redshift. The AWS documentation details the steps required to create each type, however, the it can be a challenging to get started. The following github repository simplifies the process by providing a framework to creating, testing and managing your functions. The intent of this collection is to provide examples for defining UDFs as well as provide useful functions created by the community which extend Amazon Redshift capabilities and support migrations from legacy DB platforms.

See the repository below for more detail and how to contribute: https://github.com/aws-samples/amazon-redshift-udfs