Amazon Redshift now lets datashare consumers grant granular permissions on datashare objects

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Content level: Intermediate

This new feature simplifies datashare permissions management

Amazon Redshift now lets datashare consumers to grant users and roles granular permissions on datashare objects. Amazon Redshift data sharing enables customers to share query access to tables, views, schemas, and user-defined functions (UDFs) with other Serverless namespaces, clusters, and accounts (referred to as datashare consumers). This enables datashare consumers to query that data without needing to extract, transform, and load (ETL) data in their own environments.

Datashares consumers can now create databases from datashares with the keywords WITH PERMISSIONS. Once you do, you can grant your users and roles permissions on the schemas, tables, views, and user-defined functions within the datashare just like you would if they were in a local database. For instance, you can grant one user SELECT on all tables within a schema, while granting a specific role SELECT access on only specific objects.

This makes it easier to manage access to all your Redshift data. See our Redshift’s CREATE DATABASE from datashare documentation for more information.