Announcing AWS Fault Injection Service is now available in Europe (Spain) Region

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AWS customers in the Europe (Spain) Region gain access to AWS Fault Injection Service (FIS) from 14/05/2024, a comprehensive solution for conducting fault injection experiments aimed at enhancing an application's performance, observability, and resilience. FIS streamlines the setup and execution of controlled fault injection experiments across various AWS services, empowering teams to develop trust in their application's behavior.

With the incorporation of the Europe (Spain) Region, AWS FIS is now accessible in 21 AWS commercial regions as well as the AWS GovCloud (US) regions. To ascertain the regions where AWS FIS is available, refer to the FIS Service endpoints . You can initiate your journey with AWS FIS by logging into the AWS Management Console or utilizing the AWS API, SDK, or CLI. For a deeper understanding of FIS, explore the AWS FIS page and delve into the FIS User Guide for comprehensive insights.

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