FAQs on re:Post multi-lingual support

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AWS re:Post introduces multi-lingual support in five languages: Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, Japanese, and Korean.

Q: How do I set my language preferences?

A: re:Post community members can set their interface/notifications and content languages under Settings in My Dashboard. They can also update their website language at any time using the dropdown on the top right corner.

Q: Why am I not seeing content in a language I have selected under 'Content Language?'

A: The re:Post team has seeded some content for the multi-lingual launch. They are continuing to partner with internal SME teams to seed more content. The AWS community is encouraged to contribute by posting questions or answers in their preferred language(s).

Q: How does this feature relate to other AWS services?

A: The language strategy that re:Post has prioritized and will continue to build upon aligns with other AWS platforms such as AWS Marketing, Support Center, and Knowledge Center. Customers will have a consistent language experience across these AWS platforms.

Q: Has answers for Premium Support customers on re:Post been extended to the additional languages?

A: Premium Support customers on re:Post receive responses from AWS Support if questions are not responded to by community members. If you have a Support Plan, leverage re:Post by asking questions and get unblocked with AWS technical guidance. The responses from AWS Support has been extended to the new languages: Japanese, Chinese (no distinction between traditional or simplified), French, and Korean.

Q: If a community member has more than one language selected, which language will their email notifications be displayed in?

A: The email notifications will be displayed in the user’s website language. The member can update this in their Settings or by using the dropdown on the top right corner.

Q: How do I leave feedback on translations that need improvements?

A: Please provide feedback using this form: https://repost.aws/feedback

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