Free AWS Virtual Interactive Training: Graviton Essentials Developer Day

1 minute read
Content level: Intermediate

AWS Graviton-based instances training

Graviton Essentials Developer Day is a free live virtual interactive event where AWS Graviton experts deliver and assist attendees with technically-focused Graviton-based Amazon EC2 training. This full-day event helps attendees learn best practices to accelerate migration and development of their workloads on Graviton-based instances. Attendees can expect to leave Graviton Essentials Developer Day feeling confident they will know how to achieve performance gains and achieve cost reductions from using Graviton-based instances. Sessions will cover topics such as Introduction to Graviton, programming language and focused deep dives, testing and optimization techniques, and workload deployments. Event is planned for July 12th, 2023. Space is limited; learn more and sign up today.

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