AWS re:Post Live - Diving Deep into Best Practices for Amazon Managed Service for Apache Flink (MSF)

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Content level: Foundational

Ask us your questions on Apache Flink and Amazon Managed Services (AMS) before you join us live on April 15th only on Twitch!

Note: This episode aired on April 15th. You can watch the recording on demand by clicking here or on the image at the bottom of this article.

Welcome to our Community Article for the upcoming AWS re:Post Live show scheduled for Monday, April 15th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST! On this episode, join Sr. Technical Account Manager Jay Busch, Principal Technical Account Manager Rajakumar Sampathkumar, and Principal Software Engineer Nagesh Honnalli as they discuss Amazon Managed Services for Apache Flink (MSF) and the best practices when adopting Apache Flink into your workflow. If you have any questions please add them in the comment section below for our speakers to address live on during the show. If your question is selected you will be awarded 5 re:Post points! If another user has already asked a question that you would also like to see discussed, give it an upvote and we'll address each question based on interest.

Apache Flink is an open-source, distributed engine for stateful processing over unbounded (streams) and bounded (batches) data sets. Stream processing applications are designed to run continuously, with minimal downtime, and process data as it is ingested. Apache Flink is designed for low latency processing, performing computations in-memory, for high availability, removing single point of failures, and to scale horizontally.

Apache Flink’s features include advanced state management with exactly-once consistency guarantees, event-time processing semantics with sophisticated out-of-order and late data handling. Apache Flink has been developed for streaming-first, and offers a unified programming interface for both stream and batch processing.