Introducing the Lens Catalog in the AWS Well-Architected Tool

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Content level: Foundational

Explore the Latest Feature in the AWS Well-Architected Tool

The AWS Well-Architected team is excited to announce the launch of Well-Architected Lens Catalog, a new lens repository in the Well-Architected Tool. The Lens Catalog provides customers with a collection of expert-authored industry and technology-specific lenses. Customers can use the Lens Catalog to explore and implement the latest best practices available from AWS, helping them tailor their reviews to focus on the topics most relevant to their business.

The Lens Catalog feature in the AWS Well-Architected Tool is now available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (N. California, Oregon), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt, Ireland, London, Paris, Stockholm), South America (São Paulo), Asia Pacific (Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Hong Kong), Middle East (Bahrain), and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. To learn more, visit the AWS Well-Architected documentation.

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