Announcing new Amazon EC2 R8g instances powered by AWS Graviton4 processors (Preview)

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Announcing Amazon EC2 R8g instances preview

Starting today, new memory optimized Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) R8g instances, powered by the latest-generation custom-designed AWS Graviton4 processors, are available in preview. R8g instances are built on the AWS Nitro System, a collection of hardware and software innovations designed by AWS. The AWS Nitro System enables the delivery of efficient, flexible, and secure cloud services with isolated multitenancy, private networking, and fast local storage. R8g instances offer larger instances with up to 3x more vCPUs and memory than R7g instances. Amazon EC2 R8g instances are ideal for memory-intensive workloads such as databases, in-memory caches, and real-time big data analytics.

AWS Graviton4 is the latest in the Graviton family of processors that are custom designed by AWS to provide the best price performance for workloads in Amazon EC2. They provide up to 30% better compute performance compared to AWS Graviton3 processors.

To learn more or request access to the R8g preview, see Amazon R8g Instances. To learn how to migrate your workloads to AWS Graviton-based instances, see the AWS Graviton Getting Started Guide or AWS Graviton Fast Start Program.

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I have been looking for r8g pricing information - is this available somewhere?

This would help plan Savings Plans and Reservations purchases or in evaluating moves to Graviton processors.

Thank You!

replied a month ago

Thank you for your interest in Amazon EC2 R8g instances. Currently, pricing information is not available for instances in Preview. R8g instances will be available later in 2024. If you're interested in testing R8g instances, please sign up for the preview through this page

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