[Feature Launch] Pinpoint top contributors to a performance anomaly in your application for easy diagnostics using Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals

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Content level: Intermediate

New feature launch for application performance monitoring (APM) in Amazon CloudWatch

Amazon CloudWatch Application Signals adds the ability to pinpoint from an availability spike in the API to top contributors for the spike such as top Amazon EKS nodes by faults, pods by call volume or deployment markers to help application developers debug performance spike, without requiring to run complex queries or perform manual investigations. After identifying the top contributors, application developers can use contextual navigation to the newly redesigned CloudWatch Container Insights dashboard for EKS to view detailed infrastructure metrics such as resource usage metrics to identify contributors to the performance anomaly and determine root cause. To learn more, visit View detailed service activity and operational health with the service detail page.

View top contributors to performance issues in Application Signals

View infrastructure performance metrics in Container Insights