Announcing the Amazon CloudWatch Internet Weather Map – View and analyze internet health

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The Internet is a complex system with various components like hardware and software, making it challenging to pinpoint issues quickly. Amazon CloudWatch has introduced the Internet Weather Map, offering a global view of Internet performance and availability issues. Users can access the map through the CloudWatch Console and observe active and resolved issues represented by circles and diamonds. The map refreshes every 15 minutes and provides details about specific city-networks affected by issues. Additionally, users can programmatically access event details, including location coordinates. The map is free to use and future enhancements may include displaying causes of outages and specific views for ISPs. CloudWatch Internet Monitor complements the map by allowing users to monitor AWS applications' internet performance. By creating a monitor and selecting resources to monitor, users can gain insights into internet traffic and behavior. Various resources and documentation are available to help users understand and utilize these features effectively

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