[Announcement] Amazon GameLift expands SDK support for Unity based game developers.

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Amazon GameLift releases new Server SDK version with new features for Unity based game developers

We are excited to announce that Amazon GameLift now supports both the .NET Standard and .NET Framework profiles in Unity with the latest update to the Amazon GameLift Server SDK. With this release, Amazon GameLift Server SDK now supports Unity 2022.3, Unreal 4.26, Unreal 5.1, Go language, and custom C++ and C# engines. Customers can now use the Unity Editor’s built-in package manager to import the new GameLift C# Server SDK plugin with either .NET Standard or .NET Framework profiles for their Unity games. With this release, we have also bundled the C# SDK to support both .NET 4 and .NET 6 variations to further simplify the SDK selection for game developers. The updates to the Amazon GameLift Server SDKs now give game developers even more flexibility, power, and ease of use when it comes to building Unity based game servers. This update includes:

  • Better support for Unity game developers: With support for native Unity package manager .NET Standard profile, which is the recommended target profile for Unity game engine, game developers can now easily integrate GameLift with their Unity based games
  • Quality of life improvements: Addition of a new parameter-less InitSDK function with a retry mechansim that simplifies server initialization for managed GameLift fleets, detailed error messaging to make debugging easier and updated installation instructions with expanded sample code for quick integration.
  • Ease of Use: With this release, we are also improving the GameLift developer guide with feedback from our customers and our field teams that improves readability as well as launching a completely revamped Getting Started page with different SDK download sections separated by programming languages and game engines to make the SDK selection easier.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements: This update includes fixes for the “segmentation fault” error when the ProcessReady call back is invoked and causes the server to crash, removal of the usage of ‘std’ in ‘nostd’ build in the C++ SDK, and changes the WebSocket library from "websocketsharp" to "websocketsharp.core" to allow SDK to run on .NET 6.0 (.NET core runtime).

For more details check out the latest Release Notes. To download the newest SDK, visit our Getting Started Page

Thank you, Sachin Gupta, Amazon GameLift PM

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