Amazon Managed Grafana now supports Grafana version 10.4

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Amazon Managed Grafana now supports Grafana version 10.4

Customers can now run Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces with Grafana version 10.4. This release includes features that were launched as a part of open source Grafana versions 9.5 to 10.4, including Correlations, Subfolders, and new visualization panels such as Data Grid, XY chart and Trend panel. This release also introduces new configuration APIs to manage service accounts and tokens for Amazon Managed Grafana workspaces. Service Accounts, replace API keys as the primary way to authenticate applications with Grafana APIs using Service Account Tokens. These new APIs eliminate the need to manually create Service accounts, enabling customers to fully automate their provisioning workflows.

With correlations, customers can define relationships between different data sources, rendered as interactive links in Explore visualizations that trigger queries on the related data source; carrying forward data like namespace, host, or label values, enabling root cause analysis with a diverse set of data sources. Subfolders enable nested hierarchy of folders with nested layers of permissions, allowing customers to organize their dashboards to reflect their organization’s hierarchy. To explore the complete list of new features, please refer to our user documentation.

Grafana version 10.4 is supported in all AWS regions where Amazon Managed Grafana is generally available.

You can create a new Amazon Managed Grafana workspace or upgrade your existing 9.4 workspace to 10.4 from the AWS Console, SDK, or CLI. Check out the Amazon Managed Grafana user guide and Amazon Managed Grafana API Reference for detailed documentation.

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