How to use re:Post to help you harness generative AI on AWS

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Learn about the potential of generative AI and how AWS services can support your needs with built-in generative AI capabilities.

Generative AI, a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that can produce novel content and ideas, has the potential to revolutionize multiple sectors and industries. By employing powerful foundation models (FMs), generative AI can generate text, images, music, and more. Amazon has been using machine learning extensively for 25 years, and AWS has the broadest machine learning functionality and customer base of any cloud provider. To explore opportunities for using generative AI with AWS, we offer several pre-trained FMs or the option to use AWS services with built-in generative AI capabilities.

AWS re:Post is a community-driven, knowledge-sharing service that helps customers remove technical roadblocks, accelerate innovation, and operate efficiently. It offers a space for users to exchange ideas, seek guidance from AWS experts, and address technical and account-related issues. It hosts a range of resources, including a peer-to-peer Q&A section, the AWS Knowledge Center for troubleshooting AWS services, and community-generated articles that share best practices. re:Post also facilitates direct engagement with AWS Partners and employees through dedicated community groups that provide an enriched learning and problem-solving environment.

In re:Post you can find information on generative AI that you can use to accelerate reinventing your applications, creating entirely new customer experiences, and transforming your business.

The benefits of building generative AI with AWS include:

  • Flexibility: AWS offers a wide selection of FMs from leading providers, including AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Stability AI, and Amazon, that lets you find the ideal model for your specific use case.
  • Secure customization: You can customize FMs to fit your business needs. Since all data is encrypted and remains within the Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), data privacy and confidentiality are ensured.
  • Cost-effective infrastructure: AWS provides the best price-performance ratio for generative AI. It uses AWS designed ML chips and NVIDIA GPUs that let you cost-effectively scale infrastructure to train and run FMs with hundreds of billions of parameters.
  • Ease of integration: Using familiar controls and integrations, you can quickly integrate and deploy FMs into your applications that run on AWS.

AWS services for generative AI

AWS offers several services with built-in generative AI. Here are services for you to explore, with direct links to the AWS service page and the corresponding re:Post questions.

Accelerate your generative AI on AWS Journey with re:Post

AWS re:Post lets you search for solutions to common problems, ask specific questions, engage with the community, and learn AWS best practices. By tagging questions with relevant keywords, such as "Generative AI on AWS", "Machine Learning and AI" or "CodeWhisperer", you can get more precise answers and, in turn, help others in the community accelerate their learning.

Generative AI on AWS has the potential to help you create innovate applications and experiences. With the help of the re:Post machine learning and AI community, you can use generative AI more effectively.

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