AWS Transfer Family expands logical directories limit

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AWS Transfer Family New Feature Launch Announcement

AWS Transfer Family now offers increased limits for logical directory mappings up to 2.1 MB for SFTP, FTPS, and FTP customers, enabling finer grained control over how you present your files to your users. This gives you even more control to configure user access to securely upload and share massive volumes of data seamlessly across different teams, regions, and applications at scale.

With AWS Transfer Family’s logical directories, you can craft user-friendly virtual directory structures that your users navigate when they connect to your Amazon S3 buckets or EFS file systems. Now, you can now increase the size of your logical directory mappings from 90 KB to 2.1 MB per user. If you are using S3, your end users will experience reduced latency from minutes to seconds to list folders in your S3 bucket.

Expanded logical directory limits is available in all AWS Regions where Transfer Family is available. To learn how to define precise access for data distribution, visit our documentation.

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