Amazon GameLift launches support for Windows Server 2016

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Amazon Gamelift now supports Windows Server 2016 as the new Windows operating system across all Regions.

Hello GameLift Devs,

We are excited to announce that Amazon GameLift now supports Windows Server 2016 operating system across all regions for customers who need a Windows runtime environment to host their game servers. Our currently supported Windows operating system, Windows Server 2012, will reach its end of support on October 10, 2023 as announced by Microsoft on its product lifecycle page. With this launch, all new Amazon GameLift customers will only be able to use Windows Server 2016 as the Windows operating system option to create game server builds and fleets. This will ensure that our new customers start building their game binaries on a newer operating system.

Existing Amazon GameLift customers that have active Windows Server 2012 fleets can continue to create new fleets and upload new builds using Windows Server 2012 as the operating system until Microsoft’s end of support date on October 10, 2023. To ensure our existing customers stay on a secured runtime environment, we require all our existing customers that have active fleets on Windows Server 2012 to migrate these fleets to Windows Server 2016 before Microsoft’s announced end of support date on October 10, 2023. For more information on the Windows 2012 end of support and available support channels including a migration guide, check out our Windows Server 2012 FAQ page.

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