How to optimize AWS re:Post's new enhanced search experience

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Learn to locate search results quickly using new re:Post filters

AWS re:Post launches an enhanced search experience to help users locate answers and discover articles more quickly, whether you are a user looking for high quality answers, or an expert looking to provide or review answers.

What's New?

1. A consolidated view of search results:

  • When typing in query terms in the search box, users see consolidated search results in a preview search window that matches their query, sorted by relevance. Search results display labels indicating the content type. Users can jump immediately to one of the search results previewed or hit enter to see the full search results page.

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  • When users click "Enter", they will land on the search results page, which defaults to display the "All Content" view. The results consolidate all AWS re:Post Knowledge– AWS Knowledge Center, Questions, and Articles sorted by relevance.

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2. A Tags filter:

  • Users can filter the search results within the “All Content” tab by Tags. Users can type or scroll through the dropdown to locate the Tag name. Tags include AWS services, use cases, features, or operating systems. If users want to filter for a specific content type, they can click on the corresponding tab (Knowledge Center, Questions, Articles) and apply the filter for Tags as needed. Users can select up to five Tags.

  • The Tags filter can be paired with the "filter content" search bar to narrow down search results. Enter image description here Enter image description here

  • In addition to the search results page, the Tags filter can be found on the following pages: Questions, Knowledge Center, Articles, and Tags. Search results will surface any or all of the selected Tags. E.g. when selecting “Amazon EC2” and “Amazon Simple Storage Service”, the Tags filter will surface results that contain the Amazon Simple Storage Service Tag, the Amazon EC2 Tag, or results that contain both Tags. Enter image description here

3. A questions subfilter:

  • When users click the “Questions” tab to filter search results by questions, they will see a question subfilter. They can further filter questions to see answered questions, unanswered questions, and questions without answers. A question is "answered" if it has an answer that has been verified. An answer is verified when a question author accepts the answer, or an expert reviews it. The question subfilter can also be found on the Questions page.

            *The "Answered" subfilter contains questions that have an answer that has been verified.
            *The "Unanswered" subfilter contains questions that have an answer that has not been verified.
            *The "No Answer" subfilter contains questions that have zero answers.

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How can users leverage the questions subfilter on re:Post?

  • If you are a user looking for an answer to your question that has worked well or been determined accurate by experts, you can filter questions by "Answered". You will find questions that have an Accepted Answer or has an answer that has been Expert Reviewed.

  • If you are a user that has received answers to your question, "Accept" the answer that has worked well for you. This will add the "Accepted Answer" badge to help other users locate trusted answers.

  • If you are an expert (have earned Rising Star reputation status and above) and are looking to contribute knowledge, you can do the following:

           *Filter Questions by "Unanswered" to review Answers provided by other users. After reviewing, determine if the Answer "Looks correct" or "Needs improvement". The first expert reviewer will receive +5 points.
           *Filter Questions by "No Answer" to provide Answers to questions that have zero answers. 

Lastly, users can bookmark re:Post search filters to share them with others, or use them for future reference.

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