Amazon Kinesis Video Streams with WebRTC operation returned status code: 0x5600000f

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Debugging Amazon KVS with WebRTC error codes

When using Amazon KVS with WebRTC, you may run into some errors that can be hard to debug. The first step is to check what error your error code maps to. This can be done by checking the amazon-kinesis-video-streams-webrtc-sdk-c repository.

In this case, the errors were:

ERROR handleOffer(): operation returned status code: 0x5600000f
ERROR signalingMessageReceived(): operation returned status code: 0x5600000f
ERROR receiveLwsMessageWrapper(): operation returned status code: 0x5600000f

Looking up 0x56000000 shows that the error will be related to WEBRTC SDP packets. Narrowing down further, you can see that 0x5600000f is specifically an error for STATUS_SDP_ATTRIBUTE_MAX_EXCEEDED.

This error presented itself when connecting to the viewer in the AWS console through the KVS with WebRTC signaling channel media playback viewer. This was occurring after updating to a new version of Chrome.

You can then search the GitHub repository for the issue. In this case, this was an issue that has since been resolved. Updating to the newest version of the Amazon KVS with WebRTC C SDK resolved the issue.

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