Introduction to Cloud Foundations Spring Semester

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Content level: Foundational

Class Notes April 8th - June 21

Slack Channel for communication

Office Hours on Demand

Schedule a 1:1 meeting with ICF instructors to follow up on questions, concerns , or suggestions

Weekly Schedule

Weekly Schedule

Learner Overview of ICF

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SkillBuilder Link for E-Learning

Week 1

Quick Start Guide -

Learner Handbook -

Important Calendar Dates -


Getting help outside the classroom

Enrollment, Billing, Vouchers, Email Address Issues, Non Academic Issues

ACI Customer Support -

Week 2


Play AWS Cloud Quest -

AWS Global Infrastructure -

Detail on AWS AZ's -

AWS Outposts -

IAM Best Practices - IAM

Interacting with AWS -

Configure the AWS CLI -

AWS Command Line Practice

AWS CLI Practice

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