AWS re:Post Live | Amazon RDS SSL Certificate Expiration Campaign

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Content level: Foundational

Join us live on on Monday, June 17th to learn about this upcoming change to RDS and ask our experts!

Note: This episode aired on June 17th. You can watch the recording on demand by clicking here or on the image below.


Welcome to our Community Article for the upcoming AWS re:Post Live show scheduled for Monday, June 17th at 11 am PST / 2 pm EST on! On this episode, join Sr. Technical Account Manager Jay Busch and Sr. Cloud Support SDE's Mohamed Nashy and Sajjan Bhattarai as they discuss the scheduled expiration of upcoming RDS SSL Certificates in August, 2024 that may require action on your workloads. If you have questions about this upcoming change or about RDS SSL Certificates please submit them now below in the comments section and our experts will address them live on the show. If your question is selected you will be awarded 5 re:Post points!

RDS/Aurora SSL/TLS Certificates are expiring in August, 2024 and it may require you to take action. Before this date you will need to first add new CA certificates to the trust stores in your client applications, and then update the certificates on your databases to the latest issued version to avoid losing SSL/TLS connectivity to the existing database instances. Join this show to ask any questions and ensure you are following best practices to execute any changes or updates.