How do I migrate a server from on-premises to AWS using CloudEndure Migration?

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I want to migrate an on-premises server to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using CloudEndure Migration. How can I do that?


Note: As of December 30, 2022, CloudEndure Migration is no longer available in all commercial AWS Regions. CloudEndure Migration continues to be available in China, AWS GovCloud (US) Regions, and in AWS Outposts. Starting December 31, 2022, customers in commercial Regions can use AWS Application Migration (MGN).

  1. Configure your CloudEndure project with the required AWS credentials. This allows CloudEndure to call AWS API operations.
  2. Define the replication settings for AWS in the staging area.
  3. Use the tokens issued by the CloudEndure project to install the CloudEndure agent on the source server. The agent connects to the CloudEndure User console and the replication server in your AWS environment to initiate the initial synchronization.
  4. Configure the Blueprint for your CloudEndure project. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances launch based on the Blueprint configuration.
  5. Use Test Mode to launch and verify a test instance. This allows you to confirm that the EC2 instance launches as expected.
    Note: The initial synchronization must be complete to run Test Mode.
  6. On the migration date, perform the Cutover Mode action to launch the target EC2 instance.
  7. Remove the migration machine information from your CloudEndure project.

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