How do I resolve "Session expired" errors from Amazon Connect?

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I get a "Session expired" error message when I try to open the Amazon Connect Contact Control Panel (CCP). Why am I receiving this error, and how do I resolve the issue?

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If you're using SAML 2.0 with Amazon Connect and your session expires, Amazon Connect returns the following error:

Session expired
Your session has expired. Please log in again to continue. Sessions expire after 12 hours.

To resolve the error, you must log out of your identity provider (IdP), and then log back in to Amazon Connect through your IdP.

Note: Amazon Connect sessions expire 12 hours after a user logs in. After 12 hours, users are automatically logged out. For more information, see SAML user logging in and session duration.


1.    Log out of your IdP.

2.    Log in to Amazon Connect through your IdP.

Important: When you use SAML in Amazon Connect, you can't use the AWS Management Console link to log in. You must log in through your IdP.

Your new Amazon Connect session will be active for 12 hours, unless you log out before then.

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