Why does my AWS Glue job or development endpoint fail with a "Connection timed out" error when I try to connect to Amazon Redshift or Amazon RDS?

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I'm trying to connect to Amazon Redshift or Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) tables in AWS Glue. My test connection is successful. However, the job or development endpoint fails with a "Connection timed out" error.

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Note: This article discusses connection time-out errors that happen after a successful connection test. If the test fails, see Why does my AWS Glue test connection fail?

Here are some common reasons why a connection might fail in a job or development endpoint even though the connection test is successful:

  • The connection isn't attached to your job or development endpoint.
  • You specified multiple connections for your job or development endpoint.


If you're using your own script for the job, you must specify the connection that you want to use. To confirm that a connection is attached to your job, do the following:

  1. Open the AWS Glue console.
  2. Select the job, and then choose the Details tab.
  3. Check the Connections parameter. If no connection is listed, then edit the job and add a connection.

AWS Glue supports one connection per job or development endpoint. If you specify more than one connection in a job, AWS Glue uses the first connection only. If your job requires access to more than one virtual private cloud (VPC), see Connect to and run ETL jobs across multiple VPCs using a dedicated AWS Glue VPC.

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