How do I use the Reserved Instance utilization report in Cost Explorer?

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I want to use the Cost Explorer reports to understand the utilization of my Reserved Instances (RIs).


You can use the RI utilization reports in Cost Explorer to do the following:

  • View the combined usage of all your purchased RIs in the chart by selecting all the RIs in the table.
  • View the utilization of individual RIs in the chart by selecting the RI from the table.
  • View the utilization of your RIs as the percentage of purchased RI hours in the chart.
  • View the number of RI hours used against the number of RI hours purchased in the table.
  • Define a utilization threshold, known as a utilization target, and identify RIs that meet your utilization target and RIs that are underutilized.

To define the utilization target, enter the preferred value for Utilization target, and select Show target line on chart. You can see the target utilization as a dotted line in the chart and as an RI utilization status bar in the table.

  • RIs with a red status bar have not used reservation hours.
  • RIs with a yellow status bar are under your utilization target.
  • RIs with a green status bar have met your utilization target.
  • Instances with a gray bar aren't using reservations.

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