How do I set up consolidated billing for my organization?

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I get multiple invoices for AWS accounts that I own. I want to get a single, consolidated invoice for all my AWS accounts.


Use the AWS Organizations consolidated billing feature to track the combined costs of all the member accounts in your organization. To activate this feature and combine your accounts' billing into one invoice, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the AWS Organizations console.
    Open the AWS Billing and Cost Management console. Choose Consolidated Billing, and then choose Get started. This redirects you to the AWS Organizations console.
    Note: The account that you use to create the organization becomes the management account. This account pays the charges of all the member accounts. Therefore, make sure that you sign in with the account that you want to use as the management account.
  2. Create your organization. Then, choose one of the following features:
    Create an organization with all features enabled: On the introduction page, choose Create an organization.
    Create an organization with only Consolidated Billing features: On the introduction page, under Create an organization, choose consolidated billing features. Then, in the confirmation dialog box, choose Create an organization.
    Note: By default, the organization has all features activated. If you accidentally choose the wrong option, then go to the Settings page and choose Delete organization. Then, create a new organization with your intended features.
  3. (Optional) Create accounts that are automatically members of the organization.
  4. (Optional) Invite existing accounts to join your organization.

Each month, AWS charges your management account for all the member accounts in a consolidated bill.

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