How do I use source filters in my AWS DMS tasks?

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How can I use source filters in my AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) tasks?


  1. Open the AWS DMS console, and then choose Database migration tasks from the navigation pane.
  2. Choose Create task.
  3. Enter the details for your Task configuration and Task settings. By default, the Task settings are Drop tables on target and Limited LOB mode.
  4. Select Enable CloudWatch logs.
  5. In the Table mappings section, choose Guided UI.
  6. Choose Add new selection rule.
  7. Select a Schema, and enter a Table name.
  8. For Action, choose Include.
  9. In the Table mappings section, expand Selection rules.
  10. Next to Source filters, add a Schema and Table name, and then choose Add column filter.
  11. Enter a Column name.
  12. Choose a Condition, such as Less than or equal to, and then enter a value.
  13. Choose Create task.

To modify an existing task, you must first stop the task. Then, you can select the task and choose Modify.

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