Can I switch my ACM certificate’s validation method?

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I want to change the validation method for my AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) certificate. How do I do that?

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After submitting a certificate request with ACM, it's not possible to change the validation method.


If you want to switch the ACM certificate validation method, you must request a new certificate for the same domain using your preferred validation method. After your new certificate is issued, associate it to the resources used with the previous certificate.

For more information on requesting a new certificate, see Request a public certificate.

Note: DNS validation has several advantages over email validation, especially if Amazon Route 53 is the DNS provider for your domain. For more information, see Using DNS to validate domain ownership.

To identify which resources the previous ACM certificate was associated with, see Describe ACM Certificates.

For replacing your ACM certificate on your load balancer or Amazon CloudFront distribution, see:

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