How to check/determine image/container size for aws managed images ?


I'm using one of the images listed here, to create an model such that I can tie that up with a sagemaker serverless endpoint , but I keep getting "failed reason: Image size 15136109518 is greater that suppported size 1073741824" . this work when the endpoint configuration is not serverless. is there any documentation around image/container size for aws managed images?

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It sounds like you set up a serverless endpoint with 1GB of memory and the image is larger than that. You can increase the memory size of your endpoint with the MemorySizeInMB parameter, more info in this documentation:

If you pick a larger value for that (e.g. 4096 MB) then it should hopefully work.

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  • @Heiko - thanks, I tried with the max as well , i.e. 6 GB. I still get same error message.

  • @Heiko - also , when i create the endpoint configuration as Provisioned instead of serverless , it doesn't complain about the image size.

  • I just realised (it was hard to see without the thousand separators) that the image you're pulling is close to 16GB (I initially thought it was 1.6GB). Because it is 16 GB, even a config with 6GB memory won't be enough. It also makes sense that a provisioned instance doesn't complain as a provisioned instance has much more memory than a serverless endpoint.

    Can I ask the reason why you try to pick the image manually? Just asking because the Sagemaker API can pick the right image for you:

  • Example:

    region = boto3.session.Session().region_name
    image_uri = sagemaker.image_uris.retrieve(

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