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When creating a hosted Amplify solution, the UI asked you where to get the repo is hosted, git, bitbucket, etc. Once you pick one it will go out and log you in.

How do I change the bitbucket server I'm signed into? I want to change from a personal one to a work bitbucket server.

I've tried clearing all data in the browser - no luck.

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To change the Bitbucket account used in AWS Amplify, you typically need to:

  • Log out of the current Bitbucket account in your web browser.
  • Clear your browser's cache and cookies.
  • Go to AWS Amplify and connect the repository again. This time, it should prompt you to log into your Bitbucket account.
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Amplify automatically authenticates with logged in Bitbucket account, hence sign in to your work Bitbucket account and try any of the following approaches.

  1. If you have branches attached of your personal account repository, disconnect all the existing branches, and now select Bitbucket under Hosting environments. This would authenticate with your work account Bitbucket and list the repositories of it.

  2. Alternatively you can use update-app cli command and use the “Reconnect repository” button on the console.

aws amplify update-app —app-id AMPLIFY_APP_ID —repository REPOSITORY_URL --oauth-token TOKEN

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