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I’m using MediaLive and MediaPackage to deliver live stream. We need ability for end user to slide back in time to catch part they missed, something like Live in Youtube. Unfortunately “Live playlist window duration” value is limited to 300s, and generated hls/dash streams when played in any reference player provide option to rewind back couple seconds, which looks as designed based on generated playlist format.

Is there any way to configure MediaPackager so we can build a system with “Youtube like” ability to seek to any point in time.

Thanks you.

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You'll want to use the Startover window along with time-shifted viewing in order to accomplish this. You can set the Startover window to up to 14 days from when the content was streaming live. You can then use query parameters to send the player to the start time of the event, or times in between by passing different query paramenters to the same endpoint. You can do this while the live event is still running. If the player requests the manifest without any query parameters it will send it to the live window, but with start and/or end parameters you can send the player to a specific time in the past as long as the time in the past is within the startover window. Here's a bit more documentation around how to accomplish that:

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