After transfer domain, unable to access my website


Dear Experts, Hope everyone is doing well. Need your expertise on my inquiry. Recently I have migrated my domain name to AWS and under Registered domain I can see my domain name but when I try to access my website still it's invalid and shows my previous domain name service provider it's expired.

Also I noticed in AWS Route 53 --> Registered domain below message:

Domain status code clientDeleteProhibited clientTransferProhibited transferPeriod clientUpdateProhibited

Steps I followed: Transfer domain (success) --> Created Hosted zone --> Created certificate using AWS certificate manager (Still DNS validation in progress)

Mainly unable to access my website.

Much appreciated your valuable feedback on this.

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It sounds like when you transfered the domain, you may have or didnt update the DNS Servers.

Ensure your domain record points to the correct name servers. Update the glue records if you are changing DNS Servers also. You can find the 4 NS records in the Zone within Route53

  1. Where is your website hosted?
  2. Have you created the DNS records for your website?
  3. What do your DNS records point too for you domain (Glue Record)?
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