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Hello. I decided to upgrade my Aurora from 5.6 to the 5.7 version. I click Modify and apply changes. The process of upgrading starts. I use a single region. After 30 minutes I decided to see the result, but I saw the next errors: in the cluster event - I see Upgrade in progress: Performing online pre-upgrade checks. and in the instance, I see the next error: /bin/cat: /etc/rds/huge_page_size.dat: No such file or directory. Database reboot each 2-5 minutes. I decided to delete this instance and cluster but now I see the next statuses for a long time: Cluster: Upgrading and instance: Deleting.

How to fix it and completely remove it?

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I received answer from AWS Support Center:

A previous update of an internal monitoring component on these database clusters caused a configuration change which caused the recent upgrade from proceeding. An AWS engineer helped to unblock the upgrade.

We started working on a fix for this issue with a release date in Q2/2022.

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Hi, MySQL 5.6-compatible cluster and want to upgrade it to a MySQL-5.7, you can do so by running an upgrade process on the cluster itself. This kind of upgrade is an in-place upgrade, in contrast to upgrades that you do by creating a new cluster. This technique keeps the same endpoint and other characteristics of the cluster, so once upgrade initiated we can't stop. Reason for in-place upgrade being canceled or slow, sometimes could be due to below factors. -Cluster is processing any data definition language (DDL) statements -Cluster has uncommitted changes for many rows -Cluster is in the process of committing a large binary log transaction

If you are looking to delete then, we may also use a snapshot as part of the upgrade to restore and destroy your old instance once the instance state is available.

Alternative approach, this post shows how you can perform a major upgrade for Aurora MySQL with minimal downtime using a blue-green deployment. This is useful for database administrators or DevOps team members responsible for the Aurora MySQL upgrades.


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  • I've restored the new DB from the snapshot. Now I need to destroy the old cluster and instance, but it doesn't delete for a long time.

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