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Hi, I have Lightsail server (1 GB RAM, 1 vCPU, 40 GB SSD) with Blueprint Wordpress Multisite. Website has only 1k visitor per month. I would like to know why my lightsail server stops working and I need to restart it first to get it back to working. I do not understand what is happening. Help me please.

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The issue appears to be memory related based on the symptoms you have described, you can also reference this link [1] that covers the same remediation steps. "Reboot the instance to return it to a non-impaired status. The problem will probably occur again unless you change the instance type".

 Exhausted memory [1]

 When the memory is exhausted, the kernel doesn’t have enough memory to run. When this occurs, other processes are stopped to free memory, making the instance unresponsive. You can try to reboot or stop and start the instance. These procedures reduce memory usage.

Unfortunately, AWS Cloudwatch does not natively monitor memory metrics on instance level, however you can configure the cloudwatch agent to report memory usage metrics to cloudwatch. I've linked this AWS blog [2] which covers a detailed walk-through on setting up memory monitoring. You can also use linux tools like top, atop and even the free -m command to view memory usage whilst being connected to the instance via ssh.

If the problem is indeed memory related you will need to upsize your lightsail [3] instance to a bigger instance.

[1] Unresponsive Lightsail Troubleshooting:

[2] Monitoring memory usage:

[3] Creating a larger instance:

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