Is it possible to export the table view of EBS Snapshots?


Hi there

I want to export the table that shows all the details relating to my snapshots for compliance reasons. Seen here: ec2 > Elastic Block Store > Snapshots

I don't need to download the individual snapshots, I just need to be able prove at audit that they have been running (should I be asked).

Anyone know if this is possible?

Thanks in advance

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Hi, it is very simple to obtain it via the CLI with describe snaphots:

You will obtain a list with such items:

    "Snapshots": [
            "Description": "Snap A",
            "Encrypted": false,
            "VolumeId": "vol-01234567890aaaaaa",
            "State": "completed",
            "VolumeSize": 8,
            "StartTime": "2021-09-07T21:00:00.000Z",
            "Progress": "100%",
            "OwnerId": "123456789012",
            "SnapshotId": "snap-01234567890aaaaaa",
            "StorageTier": "archive",
            "Tags": []

if you don't want json but prefer table : you can choose 'table' in --output option

--output (string)

The formatting style for command output.


Best, Didier

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  • Awesome thanks Didier, I will give that a try!

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