Can AWS IVS serve as a Live Source in Elemental MediaTailor?


Premise: I want to use an IVS livestream as program in a MediaTailor Channel to insert programmatic ads into a live stream. Mediatailor allows specific ad breaks in milliseconds as part of a program in a channel - Mediatailor also allows for the use of live streams - I'm assuming that if I can import a live stream as a program into a Mediatilor channel, that I can insert timed ads into the live stream.

The issue I'm having: Creating a program in a MediaTailor Channel does not allow for Live Source

I can add a live stream to one of my source locations for MediaTailor without issue, and it accepts the stream, returning the message "Reference this live source in programs within a MediaTailor channel." BUT when I go to add a program to my new Mediatailor channel it requests: "Select an existing source location" - which I do, then it requests "Select an existing VOD source" - there is no way to choose my live source from the source location even though it is listed under the correct source location.

I know this is fairly obscure - but if anyone has any solutions to bringing live streams from IVS into MediaTailor Channels - I'd love to hear about it!


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The source for AWS Elemental MediaTailor needs to have SCTE-35 ad markers like described here :

The Amazon IVS output HLS streams do not have those (nor the service has the ability to insert them) so ad insertion/replacement with AWS Elemental MediaTailor and IVS is not possible.


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The first answer we received on this simply states that ad insertion/replacement using IVS as a source is not possible.

This would lead to the next question: when MediaTailor specifies a live source - what source are they suggesting as an ingest?

Here's documentation that shows that MediaTailor can, in fact, accept a live source:

And here's a screen shot showing a live feed ingested into a source location in MediaTailor: Enter image description here

So if an IVS live stream cannot be used - what can?

Any assistance appreciated!

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