Cant Modify or Update MySQL RDS Database. "Minor version 8.0.29 has been deprecated."


I am getting the following message: Minor version 8.0.29 has been deprecated. We recommend upgrading to the latest applicable minor version

also DB instance and Storage are blank and I cannot select and I am unable to change anything. My application is super slow and I need to make changes. This appears to be AWS issue and needs to be fixed asap. Please help.

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Dear Customer,

Thanks for reaching out to us via AWS re:Post. I just saw this post and checked with my peers and found the below info - there was an issue found with this version, for more details pertaining to it and w.r.t. your RDS instance I would request you to kindly log a case with premium Support AWS RDS Team. Since this version has been deprecated and that's the reason that you couldn't find the version in the list any more. At this point, recommendation is for customers that have visible symptoms of a crash we recommend they do a Point-In-Time-Restore ( ) to recover the database. When the new version is released and available on RDS we’ll inform you and the rest of our AWS community on our announcements page here:

Now the options are to downgrade the version 8.0.28, below options are available:

Using Native MySQL import export tool:

You can use tools like mysqldump/Mydumper/Myloader to import and migrate from existing RDS MySQL instance on 8.0.29 to another instance on 8.0.28 version. Please kindly review the below documentation for more details: [+] Importing data from a MySQL or MariaDB DB to a MySQL or MariaDB DB instance - [+] Importing Data to an Amazon RDS MySQL or MariaDB DB Instance with Reduced Downtime -

Using AWS Database Migration Service:

Please use the below resources to get more familiar with DMS working and settings before getting stared with the service: [+] Migrate to an Amazon RDS or Aurora MySQL DB instance using AWS DMS: [+] What is AWS Database Migration Service? - [+] How AWS Database Migration Service works -

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Did you ever get this to work? I have the same message: "Minor version 8.0.17 has been deprecated. We recommend upgrading to the latest applicable minor version" But I only have 8.0.17 as a choice. Can't pick any thing else. I restarted the DB server and no change.

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