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Hello Everyone,

What was the prefect way to sync data into Autoscaling groups ec2 instances..?

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Hi THere

There are lots of ways to do this and it depends on the type of application, the OS, etc. You can use a sync tool, or use a shared filesystem. Here are some ideas (From

The simplest solution would probably to periodically run rsync to sync the changes on one host to another. There are also bidirectional tools similar to rsync, such as Unison. You could use lsyncd to monitor the filesystem, which starts Unison to then perform a sync. Here's a tutorial.

Another popular and simple way is to have a file server where you store your PHP files. These directories are shared via NFS and mounted by the actual webservers. This file server doesn't have to be powerful. With caching the file system performance is usually pretty good. Synchronisation is of course not instant, though quite good. It's usually good enough for a webserver and easy to set up.

Other more complex options are distributed file systems and related systems, such as GFS, GlusterFS, DRBD. I'll leave it to yourself to investigate these, but they're considered quite complex. They sync almost real-time but can be hard to set up and troubleshoot.
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  • So it means rsync is the best approach to sync data between ec2 instances..?

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