Send JSON documents with the sample app - MQTT Test Client displays string not json


Hi, I am new to AWS IoT and working through the SDK tutorials. Using RPi3B and python. - I am @ "publish JSON documents in the message payload". I created & changed the line of code: ...message = "{}".format(message_string). Tutorial says to 'change this line of code' to... message = "{}".format(args.message) BUT my has .format(message_string) var instead. The MQTT Test client is displaying as string literal and not interpreting/formatting correctly in json format. I have tried all sorts of combinations of quotes and breaks and brackets (" \ ' { ] ). From what I see it should be sending the payload as a json string...

Command line: pi3@raspberrypi:~ $ python3 aws-iot-device-sdk-python-v2/samples/ --message '{"temperature":40}' --count 1 --topic pi3/battery1/data --endpoint... message = "{}".format(message_string) print("Publishing message to topic '{}': {}".format(message_topic, message)) message_json = json.dumps(message) mqtt_connection.publish( topic=message_topic, payload=message_json, qos=mqtt.QoS.AT_LEAST_ONCE) time.sleep(1)

Terminal: Sending 1 message(s) Publishing message to topic 'pi3/battery1/data': {"temperature":40} Received message from topic 'pi3/battery1/data': b'"{\"temperature\":40}"'

MQTT Test Client: pi3/battery1/data December 01, 2022, 11:59:52 (UTC-0500)

"{temperature: 40}"

If someone could offer me some assistance I would be very grateful!

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Your message is already a string encoded JSON which is what the publish() methods expects.

Try replacing the line

message_json = json.dumps(message) 


message_json = message



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  • That was the fix needed...Thanks so much!

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