programatic compare faces gives far different results than demo ui


when using the python boto3 compare_faces function with the same image I get far different results than when I comapre them in the demo ui. for ex around ~83 similarity+ ~99 confidence with the python code and ~1.9 similarity+ ~99 confidence in the ui demo. why? I thought that it might had to do with the QualityFilter but it can't be changes due to what the documentations says: To use quality filtering, the collection you are using must be associated with version 3 of the face model or higher. please let me know what am I missing

see screenshots demo ui demo ui

programmatically programmatically


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Hi! Any chance you could share this images?

Dani M
beantwortet vor 2 Jahren
  • Thanks for the reply Dani, I am not able to share the images but the important part is that there seems to be build-in difference between the two and I want to see if there is a way to change/tune that. BDW it seems that the UI gave more accurate result. another important thing is that the images in pretty poor quality and that the faces in them are a bit far (but still that is weird that the results are different UI vs boto3 SDK). again do you know anything about the model version 3 that was mentioned?


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