How to solve the ECS Error: You've reached the limit on the number of tasks you can run concurrently.


When I try to place the 3rd service (I already have 2 services in running) into my ECS service of a cluster, I got this error event:

(service xxx) was unable to place a task. Reason: You've reached the limit on the number of tasks you can run concurrently. For more information, see the Troubleshooting section of the Amazon ECS Developer Guide.

I have tried to use a bigger "Max running tasks"(600%) when deploying the service, but it didn't work.

I have googled, but still didn't figure out how to solve it.

What should I do? Thank you!

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While this is not documented clearly, check out Service Quotas for both Fargate and ECS:

Another solution that others have said worked (to activate a new region) is to launch an EC2 instance in the region to "activate" the region.

From previous questions, those 2 have typically fixed the issue since it seems that unactivated/new accounts may come with a limit of 2 tasks that can be run concurrently.

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  • I tried to start EC2 instance in the region, chose medium size instance, left it running for almost one hour, but no change - I still get the limit of maximum 2 running tasks. While in the service quotas my Fargate On-Demand resource count is set to 100, which is far more than 2 :( Any other ideas?

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