Instance launch failed


Instance launch failed This account is currently blocked and not recognized as a valid account. Please contact if you have questions.

  • **Initializing requests
  • Succeeded
  • Creating security groups
  • Succeeded
  • Creating security group rules
  • Succeeded
  • Launch initiation
  • Failed** Enter image description here Enter image description here Enter image description here
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It may be you're launching in a region you haven't launched in before - apparently new accounts may be restricted to 3 regions and you can get this error if you try to use a 4th.

Either way, please contact them on that email address as suggested or use AWS Support from your console (or - even with Basic support you can raise an Account case like this.

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  • Thank you for my question replay but you can see my given picture shows US East (N. Virginia) region also I am trying the other 2 regions US West (Oregon) and US East (Ohio) show the same ERROR.

  • What do you mean "question replay"? How would I know from your question you haven't already launched EC2 instances in 3 other regions - you know there are over 30 regions, right? Why down-vote someone with a valid suggestion, and who is just trying to help you?

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