How do I install a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate in a Bitnami stack hosted on Lightsail?

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I want to install an SSL certificate for my website in an Amazon Lightsail instance with a Bitnami stack. But, I don't know how.

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To install a standard Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for websites that are hosted in a Lightsail instance with a Bitnami stack, use Bitnami's bncert-tool. Examples of these instance blueprints include WordPress, LAMP, Magento, and MEAN. If you have a different instance blueprint or want to install a wildcard certificate (for example, *, then see one of the following:

Before you use the bncert-tool, note the following prerequisites and limitations:

  • Make sure that the domain in the DNS records points to the IP address of your Lightsail instance.
  • Certificate creation for wildcard domains isn't possible using the bncert-tool.
  • The bncert-tool is supported only on 64-bit Linux operating systems. You can't use it with IPv6 addresses or to configure HTTPS certificates for NGINX web servers.


Bitnami uses the bncert-tool for installing standard Let's Encrypt certificates. Bitnami stacks released after May 10, 2019 include the bncert-tool by default.

The bncert-tool automatically performs the following procedures:

  • Configures HTTPS certificates on Bitnami stacks.
  • Creates automatic certificate renewals.
  • Sets up HTTP to HTTPS redirections.

Run the following command to launch the Bitnami HTTPS configuration tool:

sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

For more information on using or downloading the HTTPS Configuration Tool, see Learn about the Bitnami HTTPS configuration tool on the Bitnami documentation website.

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