How long is the Amazon RDS maintenance window?

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What is the duration of an Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) maintenance window?


Amazon RDS maintenance is sometimes required to update a database engine version or the operating system (OS) of a DB instance or DB cluster. The duration of the maintenance varies based on the operations that Amazon RDS has scheduled for your DB instances, and the operations that start during the maintenance window.

When you create or modify a DB instance, you can configure the maintenance window. You can schedule maintenance to occur once a week, during a specific time period that lasts between 30 minutes and up to 23 hours and 30 minutes. After configuring the window, Amazon RDS will start maintenance actions during the scheduled time period.

You can minimize downtime during required Amazon RDS maintenance by modifying your DB instance to a Multi-AZ deployment before the scheduled update.

Maintenance Window end time

Updates can take longer to complete than the maintenance window time frame. For example, Amazon RDS can take longer to update if there is a large list of files that must be updated or if a DB instance needs to be restarted.

After Amazon RDS has updated the instance, the duration of the downtime varies based on whether the maintenance is an OS update or a database engine version update.

Note: You can't proactively start the Amazon managed maintenance period outside the maintenance window, but you can adjust your weekly maintenance period, accordingly. If you want scheduled maintenance to occur sooner, you can adjust the preferred DB instance maintenance window to occur according to your needs.

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