Why are the emails that I send using Amazon SES getting marked as spam?

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The emails that I send using Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES) are landing in recipient spam folders. How can I prevent my emails from getting flagged as spam?

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An email that lands in a spam folder indicates that Amazon SES successfully delivered the email to the recipient's mail server. After the email is delivered, Amazon SES has no control over the email and can't guarantee inbox placement. Internet service providers (ISPs) use different mechanisms and algorithms to filter emails to place them in either the recipient's inbox folder or spam folder.


The following are steps that you can take to minimize the chances of your emails landing in a recipient's spam folder:

To learn more about best practices for sending emails with Amazon SES, see Tips and best practices.

If you followed all best practices and your emails still land in the spam folder, then contact the ISP for more information about their spam classification.

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