What do I do when I receive my AWS Snowball Edge or Snowcone device?

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I received my AWS Snowball Edge or AWS Snowcone device. I want to get started.


1.    After you receive your Snowball Edge or Snowcone device, check the following:

  • If the device has damage or apparent tampering, then don't connect to the device. Instead, open a case with AWS Support, and describe the issue so that you can be shipped a new device.
  • If you received a Snowball Edge device, then confirm that you have the power cables. If you received a Snowcone device, then you don't get any accessories.

2.    Turn on the device. Then, depending on your device, use one of the following tutorials to transfer data:

3.    Depending on your device, follow these instructions to prepare the device for shipping back to AWS:

4.    Depending on your device, follow these instructions to ship the device back to AWS:

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