How can I reduce data transfer charges for my NAT gateway?

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I need to reduce data transfer charges on my bill for traffic going through a NAT gateway in my Amazon VPC.


First, determine the major sources of traffic through your NAT gateway. Then, to reduce data transfer and processing charges, consider the following strategies:

  • Determine whether the instances sending the most traffic are in the same Availability Zone (AZ) as the NAT gateway. If they're not, then create new NAT gateways in the same AZ as the resource to reduce cross-AZ data transfer charges.
  • Determine whether the majority of your NAT gateway charges are from traffic to Amazon Simple Storage Service or Amazon DynamoDB in the same Region. If they are, then set up a gateway VPC endpoint. Route traffic to and from the AWS resource through the gateway VPC endpoint, rather than through the NAT gateway. There's no processing or hourly charges for using gateway VPC endpoints.
  • If most traffic through your NAT gateway is to AWS services that support interface VPC endpoints, then create an interface VPC endpoint for the services. See pricing details for interface VPC endpoints to determine the potential cost savings.

Note: You can set up alarms to monitor use of your NAT gateway in the future using Amazon CloudWatch.

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