The Site can’t be reached after reboot the Lightsail


I'm using WordPress multisite setup. Which is still under development So I didn't point to a domain and didn't set up a dedicated IP. I was using dynamic IP for the website. After I reboot the server IP has changed, But the website isn't loading "This site can’t be reached" message coming. Any idea How to fix this?

  • Hi.

    Which are you?

    • You expect the page to disappear after changing your IP address, but you can.
    • You are in trouble because the page cannot be displayed after changing the IP address
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This problem is solved by editing wp_blogs and wp_site tables. All I had to do is change the old IP address into a new static one.

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Hi, @Keshan

As I commented, you may not understand what you are requesting.

If you want to make it unreachable, SSH into Lightsail and run the following command: This is because bitnami follows dynamic IP address changes by default.

$ sudo / opt / bitnami / configure_app_domain --disable-automatic-configuration
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  • Yes I'm in trouble because the page cannot be displayed after changing the IP address

  • After I run the above command "This site can’t be reached" error turns into 404. Even after I change the site URL from the DB

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