Urgent Help needed to make last name correction in AWS Training and Certification.



My Canadiate ID is AWS03296801

I have registered for the cloud practitioner exam, scheduled for (03/02/2023) at 10:00 am Singaporean time. I noticed that my name in my certification account is as follows:

First Name: Hamidreza
Last Name: Malekioksouei

According to my identification card my first name and last name are as follows:

First Name: Hamidreza Last Name: Malekioskouei

As seen above, my Last Name doesn't match my identification card, as the k should come after s.

I have already created a support case using this link: https://support.aws.amazon.com/#/contacts/aws-training

The correct way to write my name would be as follows: First Name: Hamidreza Last Name: Malekioskouei

Therefore, can you please help me change my last name to match my identification card?

Regards, Hamidreza.

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You did the right thing by issuing a Support ticket. Wait for their answer and I am sure they ll be able to help and do the exam without issues, hope it helps.

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Thank you for the response; my problem has been resolved.

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