What am I being charged a 4-digit amount for registrar in August and then there is a refund for the same amount in the cost and usage report?


When I looked at the Cost and Usage Report for August 2023, I saw that I was charged a 4-digit amount for Registrar. Where does this amount come from and why is it so high? I also see a Refund item at the end of the report for the same 4-digit amount. I'm confused. Can somebody please explain to me what is going on? Am I actually being charged the 4-digit amount to my credit card or not? What is my real bill and what will I be paying?

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Raise a support call with AWS to resolve this, the re:Post community doesn't have access to customer billing records.

AWS billing support team can be reached at https://support.console.aws.amazon.com/support/home#/case/create

As it's registrar-related it may also be worth raising from that angle. This falls under Route 53, and even if you're on a Basic Support plan (which would preclude you from raising a support call most of the time) you can still do so under Account and Billing -> Service: Billing -> Category: Domain Registration Issue


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